Youth Apprenticeship Quality Assessment Tool

As youth apprenticeship has gained traction across the United States, many programs have adopted the Partnership to Advance Youth Apprenticeship (PAYA) Definition & Principles for Youth Apprenticeship to guide program design and implementation. Building from those principles, PAYA has developed a new Youth Apprenticeship Quality Assessment Tool as a piece of a four-step protocol aimed at assisting education providers, employer and industry partners, intermediary organizations, and other youth apprenticeship leaders in collaboratively identifying ways to improve policies, procedures, and practices in support of learner success.

The four steps include the following:

Step 1. Determine Priority Areas for Assessment

Step 2. Inventory Available Information and Data to Inform Assessment

Step 3. Use the Tool to Assess the Presence of Youth Apprenticeship Quality Indicators

Step 4. Develop a Plan to Address Improvement Priorities

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