October 22, 2015

Project Highlights


  • Writing the winning Teacher Incentive Fund Grant Application for The College-Ready Promise
  • Writing the winning Teacher Incentive Fund Grant Application for Green Dot Public Schools

District of Columbia

  • Writing the District of Columbia’s winning Race to the Top Grant Application
  • Writing two Investing in Innovation Fund proposals for DC Public Schools
  • Writing the winning Teacher Pipelines grant proposal for Cesar Chavez Public Charter Schools
  • Writing the winning Charter School Support Services grant proposal for Urban Teacher Center
  • Writing the District of Columbia’s Race to the Top – Early Learning Challenge Grant Application
  • Providing coordination, project management and writing support for the National Center for Education Information’s Small Business Innovation Research proposal
  • Overseeing curriculum development for Teach-Now’s international teacher preparation program
  • Serving as Lead Monitor for U. S. Education Department Charter Schools Program


  • Writing two winning Teacher Incentive Fund Grant Applications for Broward County Public Schools
  • Writing commissioned white paper, “Technology Solutions for a Successful Student Learning Objectives Program” for Performance Matters
  • Presenting “Continuous Improvement through SLOs” at Performance Matters’ National Users Conference


  • Writing teacher standards for the Indiana Department of Education, including overarching teacher standards, technology standards, and standards for mathematics, science, social studies and English
  • Aligning teacher standards with Indiana’s student academic content standards


  • Conducting a National Policy Scan for Illinois Department of Education focusing on content area prerequisites for teaching certification to inform state policy development


  • Aligning Pearson’s Literacy Observation Framework with the Common Core State Standards
  • Conducting Inter-Rater Reliability Training for Pearson


  • Writing the winning Supporting Effective Educator Development (SEED) grant for Urban Teachers
  • Writing the winning Building Capacity for STEM Education Research (BCSER) grant for Morgan State University
  • Writing the winning Investing in Innovation grant for Baltimore City Public Schools
  • Writing the Race to the Top – District proposal for Baltimore City Public Schools
  • Writing the winning AmeriCorps grant proposal for Urban Teachers
  • Coordinating philanthropy pipeline efforts for Urban Teachers
  • Writing the winning Math and Science Partnership Proposal from NSF for Johns Hopkins University
  • Developing and implementing the Student Learning Objectives (SLO) initiative for Frederick County Public Schools
  • Consulting with Anne Arundel County Public Schools on district-wide Teacher and Principal Evaluation system
  • Developing and securing program approval for Masters of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program with an emphasis in STEM education for Stevenson University
  • Designing syllabi for 9 credits of coursework for Stevenson University
  • Writing an NSF Innovative Technology Experiences for Students and Teachers (ITEST) proposal for Howard County Library System
  • Writing a winning National Association of Professional Development Schools award application for Bowie State University
  • Writing a winning MSDE Teacher Collaborative Grant for Morgan State University
  • Consulting on a winning Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program Grant for Bowie State University

Maryland State Department of Education

  • Providing consultation on the implementation and refinement of program approval processes for alternative preparation in Maryland
  • Field testing and refining standards of practice and program accreditation documents
  • Analyzing annual report data from 20 Alternative Preparation Programs
  • Writing Instructional Technology: Accelerating Marylands Third Wave of Reform for the MD Instructional Technology Advisory Council
  • Facilitating development of and disseminating Preparing Educators for High-Poverty, High-Minority Schools: A Manual for Teacher Educators, Teachers, and Principals for the Maryland Teaching Consortium
  • Developing online professional development modules for Common Core ELA and Mathematics
  • Designing statewide online modules on Student Learning Objectives
  • Writing Maryland Report on Part B Indicator 8 of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, 2013-14

University of Maryland University College

  • Collaborating on the design, development and refinement of UMUC’s Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program
  • Creating course syllabi and online modules for 21 credits of coursework
  • Aligning coursework with INTASC, NCATE and state curriculum standards
  • Developing rubrics, surveys and performance assessments to support the overall design of the program’s assessment system
  • Drafting a Conceptual Framework for the MAT program
  • Designing an English Proficiency Assessment for incoming graduate students


  • Providing writing support to The Parthenon Group for a State proposal
  • Writing the winning proposal for DC’s Teacher Quality Improvement grant for Lesley University
  • Consulting on the development of an Investing in Innovation proposal for the Collaborative for Educational Services


  • Consulting with Michigan Education Authority on Investing in Innovation proposal

New York

  • Writing the winning Rethink K-12 Education Models grant
  • Developing curriculum for the New Teacher Project in the area of elementary literacy
  • Designing national curriculum for The New Teacher Project’s summer Institute – Teaching for Student Achievement
  • Creating Common Core ELA Observation Protocol
  • Providing organization development and writing support to America Achieves


  • Providing Inter-Rater Reliability Training on Common Core ELA Observation Protocol to the Archdiocese of Philadelphia


  • Writing the winning Rethink K-12 Education Models grant


  • Consulting on the winning Rethink K-12 Education Models grant


  • Providing coordination and project management for School Improvement Network’s Small Business Innovation Research proposal
  • Developing proposal writing resource library and support for School Improvement Network clients


  • Serving as Lead Monitor for federal Charter Schools Program monitoring with AEM Corporation
  • Providing research, consultation and writing services for the National Association of Elementary School Principals

Chhattisgarh & Karnataka, India

  • Writing Active Learning in Mathematics & Science: A Mixed Methods Evaluation Report for the Education Development Center