October 22, 2015



“Working with Kim was a dream. She was hugely integral to our success — she’s bright, works quickly and steadily, and knows how to adjust on the fly. I truly cannot imagine how we would have completed our project and met our deadlines without her on our team.”
Eric Lerum
Chief of Staff, Office of the Deputy Mayor for Education
District of Columbia


“Kim Fleming is the consummate professional! Although highly knowledgeable in all areas discussed throughout the development of guidelines for this program/certification, Kim was never pretentious or overbearing. Rather, she developed relationships with colleagues that promoted successful interactions and discussions, thus resulting in positive collegial decisions. With her impressive knowledge and skills, she should be teaching us all how to get things done — and done well!”
Sandra Sengstack
Certification Coordinator, Montgomery County Public Schools


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kim Fleming for the past two years. Kim is extremely hard-working and driven by the desire to improve our schools for all students. Kim tackles projects with determination, enthusiasm, and incredible organization. She is strategic in her thinking and constantly strives to improve.”
Emily E. Silberstein
Partner, The New Teacher Project


“Kim’s expertise in federal grant writing was invaluable to us in writing our Investing in Innovation application. ¬†Without Kim’s knowledge of education reform best practices and federal government requirements, not to mention her willingness to be flexible and responsive on tight timelines, we would have been unable to complete nearly as strong a product as was ultimately submitted.”
Cate Swinburn
Executive Director, DC Public Education Fund


“Dr. Fleming’s support…was invaluable in helping us meet all standards. Her meticulous attention to detail combined with her diplomatic way of communicating ensured that we could complete a thorough review report and still be speaking to each other at the end!”
Debra Poese
Director, School of Education
Montgomery College


“Not only is Kim a joy to work with, but her level of expertise in education issues is stellar. She is a critical thinker, a true professional, and her enthusiasm for what she is doing is contagious. Kim quickly comprehends the emotional ‘valence’ of a team and can get the job done because she works in a way that makes everyone feel like a valued contributor. I can’t think of a better person for a job where being a team player is tantamount.”
Katharina Boser, PhD
President, Individual Differences in Learning


“Kim Fleming was organized, thoughtful and proactive — a seasoned grant writer that anyone would be lucky to work with.”
Jessica Yee, Executive Director
The College-Ready Promise


“Kim’s support in our recent federal grant application was superb. She guided the complex process skillfully, managing a high-pressure timeline while delivering an outstanding proposal. Kim went well beyond what was required for this work, ensuring that we understood all aspects of the proposal and lending support to each decision. We will be working with her again!”
Jennifer Green, Co-Founder and Co-Director
Urban Teachers


“Kim has a uniquely collaborative work style that is creative and results oriented. She is also very supportive to work with — she is understanding, listens carefully, and appreciates even the nuances of what’s important to her project partners.”
Christine Clark, EdD
Founding Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion
University of Nevada, Las Vegas


“Kim is a visionary educator and capable of working with various projects to promote teaching and learning.”
Elizabeth Neal
Program Approval Specialist
Maryland State Department of Education


“There aren’t many individuals with Kim’s level of expertise who can help clients without intimidating them. Every time I worked with her, I never felt it necessary to hide my ignorance. Because Kim does such a good job of putting people at ease, her impact is that much greater!”
Mary Ann Bailey
Alternative Preparation Specialist
Prince George’s County Public Schools


“Kim Fleming tackles each assignment with enthusiasm and competence.”
Helene Jennings
Vice President
ICF Macro


“We hired Kim to help us submit a grant proposal under serious time pressure. We hired her for her expertise in the education field and in grant writing, but received much more…it was her leadership skills that gave our team structure and direction.¬† We certainly would not have been able to produce the quality document that we did in the given time without Kim.”
Brad Fleisher
Managing Director
Lexbridge International


“Kim Fleming was an invaluable part of our project team in writing the DC Race to the Top application. She kept track of multiple moving parts, consistently guided efforts to areas of prioritized need, and played a critical role in crafting and managing a complex document that exceeded 200 pages in length. Kim worked long hours and maintained the highest levels of professionalism and enthusiasm throughout our partnership. Not only is Kim a strong grant writer – adeptly able to turn abstract ideas into powerful prose – but she was also a critical asset to managing our very complex project. We enthusiastically recommend her to others, without any reservation.”
Seth Reynolds, Lisa Cloitre, Shannah Varon and Matt Haldeman
The Parthenon Group