Smart State Strategies for Building Intensive Tutoring Systems

In May 2021, Education Trust, Education Reform Now, and FutureEd published State Guidance for High-Impact Tutoring to help states implement successful tutoring programs. Now, a new follow-up publication outlines the features of effective and equitable state tutoring initiatives and provides examples of states that show promise in implementing them, to further support the work of state and district education leaders.

Effective features include: 

  • Statewide investments in creating a tutoring workforce 
  • Research-based program guardrails 
  • Publicly available resources for district and school leaders 
  • Statewide professional development opportunities 
  • Legislative action 
  • Creation of central sources of information on state-approved, high-quality tutoring programs and vendors 
  • Targeting services to schools’ most underserved students 

For more, including case studies of model tutoring programs in Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, and Tennessee, see: