Maine 2020 Early College Report

The University of Maine system has released the 2020 Early College Report, which analyzes the impact of early college (dual enrollment) programs in the state.

Highlights of the report include the following:

  • Enrollment in Early College (EC) classes has increased 76% system wide in the past five years.
  • Students who take EC classes within the University of Maine System (UMS) enroll at a rate that is about 12% higher than students with no EC courses.
  • Early College (EC) students have higher GPAs compared to students with no EC courses.
  • Across demographic groups, EC students graduated within six years at a rate that is 12 percentage points higher than non-EC participants. 
  • Graduation data also show how participation in EC can help to decrease the disparity in college outcomes for students who are from rural areas, males, and students of color. For example, while 43% of students of color with no EC courses graduated in 6 years from a UMS institution, 76% of students of color with EC courses graduated in the same timeframe. 

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