How Schools Adapt during the Pandemic Can Reshape Adolescent Learning Experiences for Generations

As COVID-19 caused unimaginable disruptions to public education, some schools and districts doubled down on innovation and commitment to supporting high school student success. CRPE is working with a diverse group consisting of researchers from the Center for Public Research and Leadership (CPRL), SRI International, The Christensen Institute, and the Education Trust to map a new way forward. 

Think Forward New England explores New England’s landscape of learning, surfaces new instructional approaches and strategies that solve essential problems while centering the adolescent perspective, and probes on the conditions that shape high school systems’ adaptations. Research findings will translate into actionable insights for parents, practitioners, and system leaders in New England and beyond. 

The independent efforts of schools and districts to reframe the profile of a graduate to include more than academic assessments and to provide students with more personalized learning along with state initiatives like New Hampshire’s competency-based performance assessment pilot, Massachusetts’ investments in college and career pathways, or Rhode Island’s advancement of new learning models show the imprint the region continues to make on the future direction of public education. 

This project is designed to uncover examples of innovation, ingenuity, and strength to bring forth insights from those who blaze new trails. Examples that recognize and respond to students’ context and identity will be invaluable as educators and education leaders navigate the pandemic. They will also be critical to building a stronger and more resilient school system in the future.

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