Building Effective Teacher Residencies

Urban Teacher Residency United - HomeA new report from Urban Teacher Residency United  looks at the inner workings of two highly effective urban teacher residency programs, Aspire Teacher Residency in California and the Denver Teacher Residency. Building Effective Teacher Residencies is the most comprehensive look at the inner workings of successful residency programs to date, sharing findings from a year of extensive observations and interviews with program staff, residents, mentors, principals and other stakeholders.

By laying out in detail the elements of two exceptionally successful residency programs-including rigorous selection processes, graduate coursework closely tied to work with students, structured coaching, clear evaluation, and a strong school culture, Building Effective Teacher Residencies, written by Linda Perlstein, can benefit not just residency programs, but also teacher preparation programs in general, resulting in teachers who are better prepared to work with students from day one.

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