CALDER Conversations: Implications of Tenure Reform Lawsuits

calder logo_0_0Tenure and tenure reform are in the news of late given the Vergara decision in California and similar efforts challenging tenure laws in New York. Teachers unions argue that current statutes suffice for removing underperforming teachers. Some student advocates argue that these laws are not sufficient because students must endure underperforming teachers for too long.

CALDER (National Center for Analysis of Longitudinal Data in Education Research) has released a conversation which covers some of the issues surrounding tenure and research that speaks to how tenure reforms might play out in practice.

The individuals participating in this conversation are Helen Ladd, Eric Hanushek, Michael Hansen, and Jim Wycoff.

Issues discussed by panel members include whether or not teachers will actually be fired more readily if the tenure laws change and whether tenure questions miss the real equity issue.

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