When Is the Right Time to Make Changes in Education?

Dr. Kim Fleming, President of Core Education, LLC, recently joined Jeff Ikler and Kirsten Richert on their Getting Unstuck: Educators Leading Change podcast to discuss changes that may persist in education beyond the pandemic and new innovations on the horizon. 


Kim on why this conversation matters:

“There is something really urgent about the moment in time that we’re in right now. Student needs are acute. Across the country, in every school at every level, educators are facing a huge challenge in helping students make up for missed academic learning.

At the same time, students have intense social needs, as they emerge from the isolation of the pandemic and begin a process of re-socialization. We have a moral imperative to use this moment to correct the inequities that are apparent in our educational system and that have been amplified by the pandemic. “

Check out the podcast here: https://bit.ly/3bfHHSX