Three new videos from AEI Vision Talks

AEIThe American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think-tank that covers education issues, has a new series of videos out addressing the course of education reform in the United States.

Following is an excerpt from their description of the series:

Our schools are failing the most vulnerable kids.

Everyone’s heard the scary statistics. But the dollars we spend per child and the national trends in test scores are not what’s most important.

Here’s what matters: We are failing in our moral duty to provide every American boy and girl the education they need to build a meaningful and satisfying life.

Three of four talks have been released:

Are American Schools Designed to Succeed? by Rick Hess, AEI’s Director of Education Policy

Institutions don’t last forever. As the world changes, they adapt or die. But U.S. education still uses a 200-year-old philosophy. Hess explains why it is time to rethink the real purpose of American schools.

Making the Case for Education Reform by Arthur Brooks, AEI President

Education reformers have the ideas to fix America’s failing schools. So why aren’t people listening? Brooks explains why we have failed to capture hearts and minds — and how we can win the debate.

Has Education Reform Gone Wrong? by Kaya Henderson, DCPS Chancellor

Is education really about test scores and economic forecasts? Or is it about the aspirations of children and families? Henderson explains what we should really be measuring when we measure our schools.

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