Teacher-Powered Schools Initiative

teacher poweredEducation Evolving launched the Teacher-Powered Schools Initiative at the Education Writers Association’s 67th National Seminar’s “Teachers Take Charge” panel discussion.

The launch is especially timely given the release of Education Evolving’s new national survey data that that reveal overwhelming public support and teacher interest in a professional partnership model of teacher leadership, or “teacher-powered schools.”

This new initiative is laser-focused on improving student learning and making teaching a better job for teachers. Teacher-powered schools aim to transform K-12 education in the U.S. – not from the top-down, but from the ground up – by cultivating a collaborative school governance structure where teachers, principals, parents and community leaders are empowered to work together toward a shared vision of what students, schools and education could achieve.

Here are five ways you can learn more, get involved and spread the word today:

1.       Visit www.teacherpowered.org: Visit the new website with critical resources for teachers, district administrators, charter authorizers and policymakers on ways to create a teacher-powered school and get involved.

2.       Read the latest research report: Check out new national survey data that illustrates the widespread public and teacher interest in the concept. http://www.teacherpowered.org/media-center/ee-research-release.html

3.       Forward this blog post: Share information about teacher-powered schools with those who are interested in issues of teacher leadership and school-based decision making.

4.       Follow and share on Facebook and Twitter: Share the news about the initiative with your social networks! (#EWA14, #teacherpowered)

5.       Sign-up for email updates: Simply visit www.teacherpowered.org and submit your email for e-news updates on teacher-powered schools.

The new report from Education Evolving on Teacher-Powered Schools reveals first-of-its-kind national survey data on teacher leadership. It just may challenge your assumptions on teacher-led innovation in K-12 education. http://www.teacherpowered.org/resources/white-paper.html