Reimagining the Teaching Profession for the 21st Century

In a new issue brief, iNACOL outlines five key opportunities for state policymakers to transform the teaching profession to enable it to support the shift toward student-centered learning models in K-12 education. Modernizing the Teaching Workforce for Learner-Centered, Competency-Based, Equity-Oriented Education: State Policy Recommendations makes five recommendations to leverage the unique role of state policymaking:

  • Convening a state task force to craft a unifying vision and roadmap; 
  • Increasing the diversity of the educator workforce; 
  • Preparing teachers for learner-centered, competency-based, equity-oriented education; 
  • Redesigning teacher licensure and credentialing; and 
  • Building balanced systems of assessments that enable learner-centered, competency-based, equity-oriented teaching. The brief also details specific policy actions for each recommendation.

In addition to this new issue brief for state policymakers, another issue brief describes a role for federal policymakers. Three policy recommendations are identified: diversifying pathways into the teaching profession, catalyzing innovation to redesign teacher preparation, and developing meaningful systems of assessments and evaluation. The brief also articulates specific policy actions for each recommendation which include: increasing affordability and institute incentives to expand and diversify the teacher workforce, supporting innovation in teacher education to enable 21st-century learning, and helping states build balanced systems of assessments to support 21st-century learning.

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