Policy Actions and Responses to Leverage the Moment for Future Readiness

As school districts deliberate over reopening schools with the COVID-19 pandemic still ongoing, the Aurora Institute has developed a report with strategic guidance on how to harness our current opportunity to transform K-12 education.

Education Policy Issues for the COVID-19 Era: Policy Actions and Responses to Leverage the Moment for Future Readiness offers insights and recommendations on 10 critical issues identified through technical assistance in the field and work with education policy decision-makers around the country. These include:

  • Using Blended, Competency-Based Learning as an Entry Point for Innovation
  • Moving Away from Seat Time Credits to Awarding Credit Based on Demonstrated Mastery
  • Re-Examining Grading Policies
  • Rethinking Assessment and Addressing the Need for Balanced Systems of Assessments to Measure Student Learning
  • Examining the Purpose of Accountability
  • Creating Flexibility and Multiple Pathways for Graduation Requirements
  • Ensuring All Communities Have the Necessary Technology Infrastructure and Internet Access
  • Supporting Students with Disabilities
  • Ensuring Students Have Continued Access to Meals during School Closures
  • Prioritizing Future Readiness for Pandemic Preparedness and Continuity of Learning

Building the capacity for educators to redesign toward a competency-based, learner-centered system is no easy task with the challenges imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Education Policy Issues for the COVID-19 Era concludes with a 10-step program for building the capacity necessary to make these changes:

  1. Learner Profiles
  2. Whole-Child Learning
  3. World-Class Knowledge and Skills
  4. High-Quality Curriculum Redesign
  5. Technology Infrastructure to Support Competency-Based Learning Anytime, Anywhere
  6. Educator Leadership
  7. Recognition of Learning
  8. Responsive Interventions
  9. Continuous Improvement
  10. Equity as the Driver

For more, see: https://aurora-institute.org/resource/education-policy-issues-for-the-covid-19-era-policy-actions-and-responses-to-leverage-the-moment-for-future-readiness/