NEA and BetterLesson team up for major new CCSS Resource

Master Teacher at BetterLessonThe National Education Association recently posted online 3,000 lessons, representing the work of more than 100 “master teachers” who translated the Common Core math and language arts standards into classroom activities for every grade. The instructors share classroom videos, samples of student work and candid evaluations of resources they’ve tested. The project, a joint venture with ed-tech startup BetterLesson, is funded by the NEA and the Gates Foundation. Organizers hope to have 16,000 model lessons posted by the fall of 2015.

“The lessons and resources being posted every day are from real people just like me — I am honest in my reflections about lesson components that should be changed or altered, and I get excited and whoop and holler when students’ thinking knocks my socks off,” says Master Fourth Grade Teacher Melissa Romano. “Other educators can log in to the site and hear me and other Master Teachers talk about frustrations, celebrations, concerns. They can actually experience the lesson and gain knowledge about best practices, formative assessment, and instructional strategies that promote active and engaged students.”

“The new Common Core State Standards are a transformation for the students in our nation’s public school system and we owe it to them to provide teachers with the time, tools and resources to get it right,” said National Education Association President Dennis Van Roekel. “The best ideas for the classroom come from classroom teachers, and our new site will allow educators to share the lessons to help ensure all students have the skills they need to succeed.”

Keep checking in, as more will be posted over the next two years. Currently, the lessons are broken down by math and language arts, by grade, and then by subject.

Check out the website at: