New Battle Looms over Indiana Teaching Requirements

indiana.ashxIndiana is the most recent state in which the debate over the best way to certify teachers has moved to center stage. There is a new proposal moving through the Indiana Board of Education that would allow anyone with a 3.0 GPA from the four-year college at which they graduated to teach as an “adjunct” public school teacher in Indiana, as long as they pass a test and are willing to receive training after they begin teaching.

Many educators across the state are very upset by the proposal.  There are two key reasons for their disapproval: they believe it sends the wrong message that standards for teachers are being lowered while those for students are being raised and they believe that it will actually drive well-qualified and motivated teaching candidates away from the profession.

This last claim, which may seem counter-intuitive to some, is one that will need to be evaluated in more detail in order to help solve this question of teacher certification.  Further relevant questions that the Indiana state Board of Education will have to analyze include specific stipulations for art, music, special education, and school administration as well as specific stipulations for testing and training after new teachers have begun teaching. It would also be interesting to learn what the GPA’s of current state of Indiana licensed teachers were, and whether there is any proven connection between GPA and teaching proficiency.

Another related question being considered by the Indiana Board of Education concerns the need for currently-licensed teachers to receive ongoing certification based on proficiency ratings.

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