Learning Registry

learning registryA new website, Learning Registry, which is an update to http://free.ed.gov, is an improved site for educators to find free digital learning materials. While still in its beta stage, Learning Registry offers promise as a much more organized, comprehensive, and inclusive education resource collaboration website.

While there has been a proliferation of websites over recent years that have made it their goal to share resources with educators and make it more easy for educators to collaborate on lesson plans, such as BetterLesson.com, Learning Registry integrates many of these websites with the goal of becoming “a conductor that developers can use to create the user-friendly and tailored tools you need.”

In other words, Learning Registry recognizes that “the burden of locating these resources, assessing their quality, connecting them to related resources, and sharing them with others often falls on individual educators,” so Learning Registry hopes to encourage publishers and developers to work directly with Learning Registry to ensure that their materials can be found, accessed, and evaluated for their applicability and reliability. Users will be able to search material by publisher, location, content area, standards alignment, ratings, reviews, and more, meaning that much of the time spent by educators scrutinizing education material they find online can be minimized.

There are currently over 200,000 learning resources at Learning Registry, and the number is expected to grow. As more publishers and developers get on board, Learning Registry will expand in capacity and utility.

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