10 New Ed Tech Tools

gettingSmart_logoAlison Anderson at Getting Smart has compiled a helpful list of new educational technology, or #edtech as is it often called on social media platforms. Several of these technologies are only in their beta phase or will not launch until sometime in August, so now is a good time to sign up for free access.

Anderson explains her reasons for creating the list:

According to Common Sense Media, 95% of teachers agree that using technology increases student engagement and 92% of teachers want to add more technology to their classroom.

We at Getting Smart are still basking in an ISTE afterglow… we’d like to share 10 great tools that we were introduced to there and the reasons they are so worth taking the time to master this summer. These are the tools that will transform your classroom in the fall because you will notice the definite threads that run throughout all these applications… real-time, collaborate and creative! Those words together are sure to build a lot of excitement around exactly how educational technology is developing and transforming what school looks like!

Anderson calls her list “10 Tools Every Teacher Should Master This Summer”, and the list ranges from interactive websites for student learning to cross-platform apps that work in real-time in the classroom.

For access to the list that includes hyperlinks to all of the tools and YouTube videos explaining them, please visit: