Education Evolving Is Evolving

After an extensive organizational review, literature review and stakeholder listening sessions, Education Evolving has released its newly refined vision for student-centered learning. It involves the following seven principles:

Positive Relationships – Students have relationships with adults and peers who care about, believe in, and hold them to high expectations

Whole Child Needs – Students’ biological, physiological, and safety needs are met

Positive Identity – Students are fully embraced for who they are and develop a sense of positive identity and belonging

Student Ownership & Agency – Students have freedom to exercise choice in pursuing interests, with teachers serving as guides and facilitators

Real-World Relevant – Student solve real-world problems and learn skills they will use in their own lives

Competency Progression – Student progress by demonstrating mastery and receive support as needed

Anytime, Anywhere – Students learn in the community, at internships, on weekends, during extracurriculars, etc.

In addition to refining its vision, Education Evolving has released a new policy paper, Clearing Policy Barriers to Student Centered Learning.  The report details the changes that occur as schools implement student-centered learning and the ways in which state policy interferes with making those changes. The paper suggests 17 recommendations to remove the barriers identified.

You can read the full paper here and read more about the new vision in the brochure here.