Why We Need a Federal Preschool Investment in 6 Charts

From Rachel Herzfeldt-Kamprath and Maryam Adamu at Center for American Progress comes a new report about the importance of reforms to early childhood education.

The past decade has been significant for the growth of early childhood programs. From the increased understanding of brain development in infants and toddlers to the more rigorous monitoring of social and educational outcomes, the early childhood field continues to move forward. Despite strong progress to date, there is still much more to do to ensure that all children have access to high-quality early childhood programs from birth.

Research indicates that access to quality preschool can provide a boost for children that will influence their success for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, not every child has access to high-quality early education, and many of children who could benefit do not attend preschool. Given the importance of early learning, making sure that all children are afforded the opportunity to access high-quality early childhood education is a no-brainer.

These six charts show why policymakers need to invest in early childhood education now.