Why Should School Districts Focus on Effective Implementation?

The George W. Bush Institute’s Education Reform Initiative recently released a tool designed to help education leaders turn their vision into reality – the Effective Implementation Framework.  Researchers are currently using it in a School Leadership District Cohort research project with four district partners to implement the Principal Talent Management Framework – a resource to help districts attract, support, and retain strong school principals in every school.  The Framework is intended to help districts manage change in complex environments.

Most educators want to do the right thing, but complex obstacles hinder their effectiveness. Driving for student success – across classrooms and districts – is hard work.  It requires expertise, discipline, and courage. School leaders need to challenge assumptions, rethink autonomy, consider stakeholders, and acknowledge trade-offs to make necessary changes. Further, educators are very rarely supported or trained in this kind of strategic management, even though their jobs regularly require making high stakes decisions with limited resources.

This is why the Bush Institute’s Effective Implementation Framework has been carefully researched to help leaders through their journey. The Bush Institute plans to release guidebooks as a toolkit for the Effective Implementation Framework. Each guidebook will have a different focus:

  • Initiate change
  • Engage stakeholders
  • Build capacity
  • Set goals and create plan
  • Execute, reflect, and improve

The guidebooks will create a complete ecosystem of resources education leaders can use to turn their vision into reality.

For more commentary, see: https://www.bushcenter.org/publications/articles/2019/11/effective-implementation-framework.html

For the Implementation Framework, see: https://www.bushcenter.org/publications/resources-reports/resources/effective-implementation-framework.html