Uncharted Waters

In the latest paper by Education Resource Strategies (ERS), authors explore how a whole-system approach to continuous improvement can help districts chart a course to equity and excellence this pandemic school year. 

ERS’ new paper, Uncharted Waters, makes the case that the key to districts making progress towards equity and excellence amidst so much uncertainty is a whole-system approach to continuous learning and improvement. Researchers provide seven concrete action steps that district leaders can take and a template dashboard to track and measure this work:

  1. Look at student and family data to set target outcomes.
  2. Choose an evidence-based “power strategy”.
  3. Collect and review data to learn what is working.
  4. Design a delivery chain to guide cycles of inquiry.
  5. Track and compare the cost of improvement strategies.
  6. Elevate system barriers, equity issues, and needed supports.
  7. Assemble and empower cross-functional “strategy teams” to accelerate improvement.

For more, see: https://www.erstrategies.org/tap/uncharted_waters