The U.S. Education Innovation Index: Prototype and Report

Bellwether(1)Bellwether Education and the Digital Promise Innovation Clusters have released the U.S. Education Innovation Index (USEII). USEII is the field’s first foray into measuring education innovation at the city level.

The index measures innovation activities and conditions of urban schools along 42 indicators in nine categories:

  • Innovation Culture
  • Need for Academic Improvement
  • Collaboration and Coordination Mechanisms
  • Talent Supply and Quality
  • Innovation-Supporting Institutions
  • Innovation-Friendly Policies
  • Innovation Investment
  • District Deviation
  • Dynamism

The index is designed to help education and civic leaders identify trends, draw attention to particular issues, determine whether the current mix of activities is producing desired results, and identify areas for improvement.

The associated report includes:

  1. Examples of the dynamic new education systems that are taking root in cities across the country
  2. A case for the pivotal role of innovation in improving schools for urban students
  3. Reasons why measuring innovation is a critical first step to encouraging more of it
  4. A description of the index framework and methodology
  5. Case studies on four target cities, Indianapolis, Kansas City, New Orleans, and San Francisco.

To view the index prototype and report, see