Transforming for Tomorrow: A State Policymaker’s Guide for Supporting Student-Centered Education Systems

KnowledgeWorks has released a state policymaker’s guide for supporting student-centered education systems:

A personalized, competency-based approach to learning reimagines our K-12 education systems with the goal of ensuring that each child is empowered with the knowledge and skills they need for the future. This approach to education creates engaging learning experiences customized to each student’s strengths, needs, and interests. Regardless of how long learning takes or where it occurs, once students have demonstrated their competency of concepts and skills, they are allowed to advance academically. This approach also ensures that schools implement the necessary supports that enable students to take ownership of their learning.

State leaders in various positions play an important role in supporting this type of education at the school and district level. New guiding documents from KnowledgeWorks are designed to help a range of state policymakers identify initial steps they can take to support schools and districts wanting to implement a personalized, competency-based approach to learning, including:

  • Creating a student-centered vision
  • Incentivizing district innovation
  • Giving credit for all learning that occurs
  • Rethinking accountability and assessment

This guidance is designed to be useful to leaders in both state legislative and executive branches wanting to understand how they can support personalized, competency-based education systems. Where possible, this report identifies potential lead actors on different issues while also recognizing that the specific lead will depend on the state context, governance structure and history.

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