TNTP publishes the 2014 Fishman Prize winners’ essays and announces the 2015 Competition

TNTP PrizeAnnouncing Applications and Nominations for the TNTP’s 2015 $25,000 Fishman Prize for Superlative Classroom Practice. It’s the only national award exclusively for teachers in high-poverty public schools.

TNTP is looking for the next set of winners. Last year, TNTP received thousands of nominations and over 820 applications from teachers nationwide.

Start an application or tell a great teacher how much they matter with a nomination. The winners aren’t the only ones who benefit. Nominators get a chance to recognize teachers who deserve more attention. Applicants get a chance to reflect on their teaching. And finalists receive $1,000 each.

The early application deadline is Tuesday, November 4, 2014.

To apply or nominate someone go to:

TNTP has also published the 2014 Fishman Prize winners’ essays, “Languages for Learning.”

In the essays, you’ll hear how “deep discipline” helps students who have never touched an instrument become championship band members. You’ll see what “getting to know your students” really means in an AP Calculus classroom. You’ll hear why learning physics starts with talking like a 10-year-old. And you’ll learn what Hiroshima has to do with teaching fourth grade English language learners in Oakland.

If you are a junkie for great teaching, drop whatever you are doing and read the essays now.  No, really. They are that good.

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