Three State Policy Priorities to Give Every Student Effective, Diverse Teachers

When it comes to ensuring every student gets great teachers, state governments play a crucial and underappreciated role. Without access to the right data, school systems will struggle to match the supply and demand for new teachers. Without certification policies that prioritize student impact over paper credentials, too many talented people will be shut out of the teaching profession. And without pressure to prioritize teacher diversity, many preparation programs simply won’t.

A new issue brief from TNTP,  A Strong Foundation: Three State Policy Priorities to Give Every Student Effective, Diverse Teachers, outlines a policy agenda that can help boost the number of great teachers in any state, including the following:

  • Strengthening teacher pipelines
  • Improving certification rules
  • Diversifying the teacher workforce

Along with these recommendations, TNTP shares examples of states that have implemented some of these policy ideas—and stories from practitioners showing why they matter. They also offer detailed profiles of the teacher policy landscape in eight data-rich states—Arkansas, California, Delaware, Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Tennessee, and Texas.

This resource is intended for state leaders and advocates who are committed to giving every student the effective, diverse teachers they deserve.

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