The Education Combination

A report from the Alliance for Resource Quality and The Education Trust identifies and explores 10 dimensions for providing better, more equitable education. The report argues that utilizing the right combination of resources will significantly impact the learning experiences of students of color, students with disabilities, and other students with high needs. The report notes that most parents and educators intuitively understand that each student will require different levels of support, unique to them, yet students are often taught in a monolithic way. 

The 10 dimensions are as follows:

  • School Funding
  • Teacher Quality and Diversity
  • School Leadership Quality and Diversity
  • Empowering Rigorous Content
  • Instructional Time and Attention
  • Positive and Inviting School Climate
  • Student Supports and Intervention
  • High-Quality Early Learning
  • Learning-Ready Facilities
  • Diverse Classrooms and Schools

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