Rural Education: Examining Capacity Challenges That Influence Educator Effectiveness

mcrellogo.ashxJane Best and Courtney Cohen of McREL have written a helpful document looking at some of the hot button education issues today, but with a unique focus on rural education.

While a quarter of all American students are enrolled in rural public schools, many rural teachers and administrators believe that education stakeholders are slow to fully recognize and address the unique challenges facing rural educators.

This brief addresses some capacity challenges highlighted by rural teachers and administrators including:

  • Recruiting and retaining highly effective teachers
  • Connectivity to technology and use of digital capacity
  • Effective teacher evaluation processes for rural school settings

The paper discusses recent steps taken by the federal government and individual states to address the concerns of rural teachers and administrators and provides considerations and recommendations for policymakers. It concludes with a series of thought-provoking follow up questions, which would be very useful for a professional development session.

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