PARCC Releases Test Items for Use


The states that make up the PARCC Consortium released last year’s test items to better inform and enhance instruction in the areas of mathematics and ELA (English Language Arts). These items were released in order to demystify the questions and assessment items being asked of students and for parents to become better informed. The ultimate goal of these assessments is to improve instruction and create real-world application of the skills being taught with the new rigorous Common Core standards.

The resources provided include items on the PARCC from Grade 3-11, Algebra I & II and Geometry. Item types include Literacy Tasks, Analysis Items, Short Answer and Extended Answer, Constructed Responses, sample Constructed Responses, and the rubrics that go from Grade 3 up to Grade 11. The full list of what has been included in the 2015 release of items is here. For the actual rubrics, test items, and sample responses, utilize the search function here:  PARCC Release 2015