New Guide Helps Teachers Find Classroom Tools That Work

atc_logo_avatar_greenThe educators in Student Achievement Partners’ Core Advocate Network have developed a catalog of recommended tools for targeted teaching. What I Use in My Classroom  features more than 30 resources, each endorsed by a teacher in the Core Advocate Network, and includes an explanation from each teacher about how they’ve found the tool to be useful in their own instruction, a summary of what the resource is, and a description of potential concerns educators should be mindful of when using it. All of the resources are aligned to high-quality standards that measure college- and career-readiness, and the guide has tools for teachers of both mathematics and English language arts, from early childhood  through high school.  

Char Shyrock, Director of Curriculum and Instruction in Bay Village City Schools in Ohio, shared the Mathematics Assessment Project, a website that includes math tasks for middle and high school instruction, which all come with exemplar student work and scoring rubrics.

She also shared WordSift, a resource from Stanford University that can be used for lesson preparation, previewing texts, group activities, literacy support, and assessment. When teachers or students paste text in the platform’s box, it generates a word cloud to identify the most important words in a passage, shows key words from the passage in context, and even includes a Google search of images and videos based on the key words.

Included are summative math tools for both middle and high school-age students, interactive games that provide for targeted education for slower learners, and much more. Some resources, like one from the Basal Alignment Project, compile multiple popular texts that are used in Common Core English instruction in elementary school classes, and provide teachers with valuable writing prompts and quiz materials that are all aligned to high standards. The catalog also includes tools on how to better integrate technology into the classroom and guides on professional development.

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