Navigating Math Resources for Common Core

achieveTwo groups made important announcements recently:

Achieve President Michael Cohen reflected on what these releases mean for teachers and policymakers:

“The analysis of K-8 math textbooks and online materials by marks the first time there has been an independent, educator-led, and public ‘Consumer Reports-style’ review of the alignment and quality of materials intended for our nation’s classrooms. It gives teachers, curriculum specialists, and other local educators the information they need to help make informed decisions about the materials they use in the classroom, and is beginning to introduce on a large scale ‘smart demand’ into the selection of textbooks and other instructional materials.

“The results of the review show just how important this step is. Almost 5 years after the adoption of the Common Core State Standards it is quite obvious that textbooks and curricular materials produced by major publishers are severely lacking in alignment to the standards that educators in over 40 states will use in their classrooms next year. This isn’t a new problem, though; the production of textbooks and curricular materials was often driven by larger states with more purchasing power and singular textbooks that covered multiple state standards.

“Fortunately, Schmidt’s Textbook Navigator Journal, whose analysis is consistent with the EdReports reviews, helps teachers fill in the gaps in the textbooks they are currently using. Using that tool, they can find the lessons they need in the textbook series they are using, or through links to high quality lessons elsewhere. With common standards, the market is open. Quality and alignment to the standards is what should drive new products. These tools will allow states, districts and educators to better choose products that will prepare students for college and career.”

For all of those mathematics educators out there looking for more helpful guides to navigate the changes of the Common core, these two are irreplaceable.

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