Micro-credentials for Educators

In the United States, current approaches to helping teachers engage in ongoing skill development, and equitably reward teachers with particular skill sets aligned with advanced career opportunities, are often woefully ineffective, and sometimes even non-existent.

“Micro-credentials” are a recent addition to the mix of potential solutions to these issues. Like many buzz-words in education, this term has been used to describe a variety of different activities related to the recruitment, development, and retention of educators. New America’s PreK-12 Education team has been working to identify the potential and challenges of micro-credentials in the various ways they’ve been defined and implemented with one ultimate goal: to help educators and education decision-makers at all levels make choices that will meet educators’ needs, and even more importantly, the needs of the students they serve.

Now, New America’s resources on micro-credentials have been assembled into one collection. Here you’ll find:

Blog posts such as:

  • Principles for Educator Micro-credentials
  • Leveraging the Promise of Micro-credentials to Develop Culturally Responsive Educators

Reports such as:

  • No Panacea: Diagnosing What Ails Teacher Professional Development Before Reaching for Remedies

External publications such as:

  • Design, Assessment, and Implementation principles for Educator Micro-credentials

For more, see https://www.newamerica.org/education-policy/collections/educator-micro-credentials/