Listening to Student Voices

A campaign by Transcend challenges communities to listen to students’ voices and use those insights to inform future innovations. In the words of one student, “As we consider what learning can look like for my generation and those to come, I hope more schools will take the time to walk a mile in the shoes of their students and redesign the school day with them in mind.”

School and system leaders, educators, and caregivers can use Transcend’s resources to:

1. Listen to your young people. 

  • Use the conversation guide to talk to one student or a small group of students, OR
  • Survey groups of students with the online tool, and receive a confidential report with your results

2. Make meaning of what you hear from students. Determine if your school is moving forward toward more equitable and extraordinary experiences, or backwards to industrial-era learning. Transcend’s vision is for equitable, 21st century learning for every student. This includes:

  • High Expectations with Unlimited Opportunities
  • Whole-Child Focus
  • Rigorous Learning
  • Relevance
  • Affirmation of Self & Others
  • Social Consciousness & Action
  • Connection & Community
  • Customization
  • Active Self-Direction
  • Anytime, Anywhere Learning

To access Transcend’s conversation guide, survey, and reflection tool, see: