Getting Real About Equity

The National Network of State Teachers of the Year (NNSTOY) has released a new video series called Courageous Conversations about Race in School.

Educators care deeply about all students getting the education they deserve, but they often find themselves stuck in the same unsatisfying conversations about race where people speak in generalities, point to deficits and gaps, and assign blame. Sometimes the well-meaning educator just doesn’t say anything for fear of saying something wrong.

The State Teachers of the Year and Finalists believe it is time for all educators to have better, more meaningful conversations about racial equity. To help, they are releasing a new series of short but powerful videos called Courageous Conversations About Race in School. Videos include the following:

Video #1: What is Equity?

Video #2: Teachers Have to Believe

Video #3: Why Don’t we have More Black Teachers?

Video #4: Impact of Micro-aggressions

Video #5: Do you have to be a Teacher of Color to Teach Students of Color?

Video #6: Disruptive Mindset

Teachers are encouraged to watch the videos, share them, and start discussions about racial equity within their school communities.

To view the videos and access an accompanying discussion guide, visit: