Eight lessons we learned from education research in 2019

Writing for Chalkbeat, Matt Barnum has compiled eight lessons the sector has learned from education research in 2019. Excerpts of his piece appear below:

Education research is hard to keep up with, and often enough, it’s hard to even understand. It seems like there are more caveats than clear conclusions, findings are “mixed,” and one finding contradicts the previous one. Meanwhile, all sides of a debate claim to have The Research on their side. Here, we’ve gathered several key lessons we’re taking away from this year of research coverage. 

1. School segregation affects whether black students are identified as having a disability.

2. Students of color really benefit from working with adults of color.

3. Publicizing information on student “growth” could encourage school integration.

4. Police inside and outside of schools can depress student learning.

5. Efforts to supplement traditional college advising aren’t making much of a difference.

6. District schools feel the pain of charter schools financially, but not academically.

7. Restorative justice can come with risks as well as rewards.

8. More education dollars help students.

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