Education in the Balance: Tensions Affecting Education’s Future

A new resource from KnowledgeWorks offers guidance on influencing the future of learning in turbulent times.

As we navigate uncertainty, leaders at all levels of education and throughout the community need to grapple with key issues and the tensions that they raise as they strive to meet learners’ needs in virtual, hybrid, and place-based settings.  Education in the Balance: Tensions Affecting Education’s Futures explores:

  • Leadership focus: Will system leaders bring people together to reimagine education? Or will the focus be on returning to normal?
  • Contested power: Will community activism have a lasting impact? Or will established power structures persist?
  • Strained systems: Will new approaches and funding address looming challenges? Or will systems continue?

Read more and download KnowledgeWorks’ sense making templates for suggestions for understanding these issues in your context.

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