Data Equity Walk Toolkit: A New Approach to Community Engagement

The Education Trust-West has launched a new tool for advocates to use when discussing educational equity with parents, educators, students, and other community members. This new tool provides presentation materials, a video, logistical recommendations, and a facilitation guide so that advocates across the country can lead Data Equity Walks.

Data Equity Walks are 45-90 minute interactive opportunities for communities to engage with education data and discuss equity issues. After individual participants explore data on educational outcomes and gaps between groups of students, the group comes together to address implications and pinpoint potential solutions.

Having facilitated this profound process with over 5,000 Californians, Ed Trust-West created the Data Equity Walk Toolkit to empower advocates to use this unique approach with their own communities.

The Data Equity Walk Toolkit can be accessed here:

A webinar discussing Data Equity Walks can be accessed here: