Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Work and Learning

Developments in artificial intelligence (AI) technology have already begun to revolutionize countless fields. Education is no exception.

Tom Vander Ark recently authored a report, “Ask About AI: The Future of Work and Learning and released it via Getting Smart, the digital consulting firm he started.

The following mark five important takeaways on how AI will change the face, skeleton, and inner organs of education:

  1. When it comes to AI, education is behind. But AI has proven to be an effective grader of tests, including written responses and essays. In the field of tutoring, AI is expected to make huge advances in the short-term future.
  2. Platforms are here to stay. Platforms will create matches and connections between learners and instructors, and the more students use them, the more the AI algorithms will learn about the best ways to meet the learner’s needs.
  3. AI will change pedagogies and learning strategies. Teachers must work to utilize the strengths of AI while compensating for shortcomings like inability to process human emotions and biases learned through algorithms.
  4. Teachers must shift their energies to materials which AI cannot teach. Teachers will need to focus on a curriculum with greater amounts of social and emotional instruction, including teaching students self-management, self- and social awareness, relationships skills and responsible decision-making.
  5. The future is exciting AND the future is scary. We can scarcely predict the changes that are coming.

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