Achieve’s Graduating Ready Data Explorer

Achieve’s Data Explorer seeks to provide clear information about high school pathways, graduation requirements, and the differences across states. The site includes the details of the options and requirements for graduation in every state. 

As you dig into the data, you’ll see that states are offering an increasing variety of graduation options and pathways to students. The current graduation requirements landscape within and across states is complicated, messy, and evolving. Many states are implementing new, additional pathways to graduation, including diplomas that are intended to better prepare students for careers or for advanced coursework in postsecondary education.

  • High school graduates in 14 states had three or more paths to graduation in 2019.
  • Fifteen states offered two paths to graduation.
  • Twenty-one states and the District of Columbia had one state-defined path to graduation in 2019. 
  • Twenty-five states have adopted changes to graduation course requirements and/or assessment stakes for future cohorts of students.

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