14 Charts That Changed the Way We Looked at America’s Schools in 2019

Kevin Mahnken, writing for The 74, recently selected 14 charts from research conducted in 2019 that have changed the way we look at education in America. These charts help illustrate important studies into school funding disparities, college dropout rates and shifting public opinion. And with a minimum of verbiage, they let the reader know what matters in education research.

The 14 charts include:

  1. Integration: Exam Schools May Hurt Disadvantaged Students More than They Help
  2. Equity: School District Borders Segregate Millions of Kids Based on Race and Revenue
  3. Curriculum: Oakland Sees Decline in Black Male Dropouts
  4. Safety: Failing Schools Incubate Crime
  5. Cory Booker’s Legacy: Did the Newark Reforms … Work?
  6. Higher Education: The Numbers Behind the Dropouts
  7. Standards: Common Core May Have Led to Learning Losses
  8. Discipline: Early Returns on Restorative Justice Are Mixed
  9. Politics: Democratic Support for Charter Schools Is Split on Racial Lines
  10. Learning Needs: Black Students May Be Under-Identified for Special Education Services
  11. College Admissions: White Applicants Get a Leg Up From Athletic, Legacy Preferences
  12. School Choice: Boston Charters Achieve Huge Learning Gains for English Language Learners & Special Needs Students
  13. Annals of Research: Value-Added May Be a Flawed Metric
  14. Testing: NAEP Offers ‘Disturbing’ Assessment

For more, see https://www.the74million.org/article/15-charts-that-made-us-think-differently-about-schools-in-2019/