Wonk-A-Thon Winners

This year, the Fordham Foundation hosted a Wonkathon, asking assorted education policy experts whether America’s graduation requirements need to change. Replies were rated and the winners have been announced:

2018 First Place: High school reimagined (and we truly mean reimagined)

by Jessica Shopoff, M.Ed., and Chase Eskelsen, M.Ed.

To build a personalized learning model that effectively graduates students prepared to successfully contribute to society, let’s do three things:

  • Embrace cross-curricular competency-based learning
  • Personalize graduation paths
  • Realign learning across the preschool to higher education/career continuum


2018 Second Place: Look beyond four-year graduation rates

by Peter Greene

There is no reason for the traditional frame of coursework to be wired to a ticking four-year time-bomb. Removing that four-year deadline would give schools and students some breathing room to get things right instead of worrying about getting it right now.


2018 Third Place: Reformer, heal thyself. You’ve ruined high school

by Max Eden

Make classes optional after tenth grade and grant diplomas to anyone whom a local employer certifies shows up steadily and performs adequately.