Weaving a Stronger Society: Starting in our Schools

A new multimedia effort, “Weaving a Stronger Society — Starting in our Schools” is the product of a partnership between The 74 and The Aspen Institute, a global nonprofit headquartered in Washington, D.C.

In 2018, New York Times columnist David Brooks and Aspen started Weave: The Social Fabric Project, seeking to mend the broken social trust that has left Americans divided along many lines. Through the years, they’ve found that the answers already live in every community, where people are healing rifts by showing up for others day after day, building trust and inspiring neighbors to work together to make life better. The Weave Project works to find these weavers, tell their stories, connect them, offer them support and inspire others to weave.

The 74 is honored to contribute to this work by telling the stories of weaver-educators actively building community to help students succeed. From Hawaii to New Mexico to North Carolina, they are connecting with inspiring educators across America who say they recognize that teaching is only part of what makes a student successful. These educators understand that school success, particularly during the pandemic, requires weaving a community of connection, support and belonging around students. They surround kids with a rich tapestry of relationships linking them with each other, school staff and the surrounding community.

The 74 will be publishing new profiles every Tuesday through June, at The74Million.org/Weavers