Using Data to Improve Teacher Prep

Every student, no matter where he or she lives, deserves a great teacher. States, educator preparation programs (EPPs), and K–12 leaders must work together to ensure that all teachers are learner ready on day one in the classroom. But too often, these actors do not have access to the necessary information to fully prepare teachers for the unique needs of students in their states. This situation must change, and data is essential to making that happen.

The Data Quality Campaign’s (DQC) latest report, Using Data to Ensure That Teachers Are Learner Ready on Day One, highlights how states can lead the way by making sure that the right information is available to those who need it and that leaders have the skills to use that information for continuous improvement, not just accountability.

The report offers the following policy recommendations and provides case studies that exemplify the recommendations in action:

  • Collect the data that is most useful for transparency and the continuous improvement of EPPs.
  • Ensure that data about K-12 outcomes that is used to improve EPPs is high quality and secure.
  • Develop a feedback loop between local education agencies, states, and EPPs with the information EPPs most need for continuous improvement.
  • Help EPPs grow their existing culture and capacity to continuously improve.
  • Make information about the educator workforce and EPP program easily accessible so that K-12 school leaders, policymakers, and the public can answer questions and make informed decisions.

To access the report, see: