US Teacher Corps Campaign

teachThe Secretary of Education is planning a publicity blitz aimed at recruiting “the best & brightest to the profession,” as he recently tweeted. Public service announcements will run on TV and radio, online and in print. Emissaries to dozens of college campuses will talk up teaching as a savvy career choice. And a new website will serve up inspiring stories of young teachers who feel they’ve made a difference.

The campaign is funded by Microsoft and State Farm and will be promoted by the national teachers unions and Teach for America, along with the Department of Education. The messaging mirrors TFA’s pitches and is meant to make teaching appeal to elite students. One tagline: “Exceptional people gravitate toward big challenges – and there are few challenges greater than reinventing American education.” Duncan formally launched the initiative several years ago but has recently kicked the initiative into high gear.

The associated website,, is truly comprehensive as well as aesthetically pleasing.  It offers tabs such as “Why Teach”, “Become a Teacher”, “Find Jobs Near You”, “1.9 Million Scholarships”, and “Build a Stunning Portfolio.”  There is also an impressive advisory board and list of knowledge partners.

Check out the campaign: