The Role of the School Administrator in Classroom Coaching

Research on instructional coaching shows that when defined, understood, and implemented as a principal-coach-teacher partnership, teacher coaching programs can be more effective. Engaged principals are key to a successful coaching program. Digital Promise has recently conducted research on the Dynamic Learning Project (DLP) coaching program that shows that when principals support the coach-teacher relationship and collaboration, the coaches feel more confident about their coaching skills and, therefore, have a more significant impact on teachers’ practice. 

Based on two years of research on the Dynamic Learning Project, there are five things school-based administrators can do to serve as productive partners in teacher coaching programs, along with tips for success that leaders can use to support coaching.

  • Build teacher buy-in for coaching.
  • Respect confidentiality in the coach-teacher relationship.
  • Ensure coaches have the time they need to provide classroom support.
  • Consistently meet with the coach throughout the school year.
  • Trust coaches to make decisions around coaching.

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