The Importance of High-Quality Instructional Materials

Learning Forward has released a special open-access issue of The Learning Professional. It builds on a vital topic for educators: the use of high-quality instructional materials.

All students deserve access to high-quality content, and all teachers deserve support to implement it well. The message from research is straightforward: instructional materials matter. Good materials in the hands of good teachers lead to student learning.

This issue examines professional learning to help educators choose, use, and thrive with great materials. It shares practical strategies from field leaders, a tool for assessing your faculty’s thoughts and concerns about instructional materials, examples of embedding professional learning in curricula, and much more.

Free access articles include the following (among others):

  • Focus Adult Learning on High-Quality Instructional Materials
  • Educators can Pave the Path to Equity
  • Materials Matter
  • Beyond Buy-In
  • Strong Materials in the Hands of Great Teachers
  • Open Source for Opening Minds
  • Implementing Instructional Materials
  • The Value of Instructional Materials

To access these materials and more, see: