State Evaluation of Principal Preparation Programs Toolkit

SEP3University Council for Educational Administration (UCEA) and New Leaders have released a toolkit, called SEP3, to help states evaluate principal preparation programs. This toolkit provides essential guidance, tools, and resources for implementing a more in-depth and rigorous principal preparation evaluation process, thereby enabling states to accurately assess quality, promote improvement, and intervene in the case of concerning performance.

A growing number of education and policy leaders are taking steps to improve the quality of educational administration programs in their state. The resources and tools shared at the site identified below are designed to inform these efforts. They are designed to help states understand key contextual factors and take stock of the resources they will need. They provide states with a research-informed evaluation model. Together, these materials will enable states to undertake an informed approach to the complex work of evaluating and supporting principal preparation.

The SEP3 Toolkit outlines five core design principles to inform the development of principal preparation program evaluation systems.

Effective evaluation systems:

  1. Promote continuous program improvement.
  1. Support states in holding programs accountable for effective practices and outcomes.
  1. Provide key stakeholders with accurate and useful information.
  1. Are sophisticated and nuanced in their approach to data collection, analysis, and use.
  1. Adhere to characteristics of high-quality program evaluation.


To read more about the SEP3 Toolkit and other resources for state principal preparation program evaluation, see