Shifting the Clinical Experience Using Virtual Formats

PK-12 districts and universities across the nation are currently challenged with social distancing measures that are limiting and, in most cases, preventing deep, authentic, and job-embedded clinical experiences that we know to be one of the cornerstones of a candidates’ effective preparation as a teacher.  In light of this reality, US PREP has assembled resources that can help fill the gap until schools re-open. The resources that follow below are not meant to replace the critical clinical experiences we know are necessary for teacher preparation programs to provide to candidates, rather these tools and resources serve as approaches to augmenting the current reality being faced by educator preparation programs and candidates alike.  There exists no singular solution, and US PREP recommends thinking how programs might use these tools in combination with other already existing resources or those below. 

We see our current reality of shifting clinical experience development to online mediums as an opportunity to consider and enact strong connections to coursework.  US PREP has championed change efforts to make coursework and clinical experiences deeply connected so that candidates are enacting the knowledge and skills from their coursework in their residency.  

Resources are available in the following areas:

  • Observing in Virtual Schools
  • Virtual Teaching
  • Online Video Teaching Observations
  • Online Learning Modules
  • Simulation Practice
  • Peer-to-Peer Coaching and Feedback
  • Teacher Educator Pedagogies
  • Videos of Self
  • Video of Others
  • PK-12 Resources
  • Partner Resources

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