Retaining Teachers: Fostering Conditions Where Talent Thrives

Over the last year, Education Evolving published a series of blog posts focused on the growing problem of teacher turnover, and uplifting the stories of schools, strategies, programs, and leaders that buck the trend. 

This series has now wrapped up. Check out some of the top posts:

Why Teachers Leave: What the Data Say

How to Create School Conditions Where Talent Thrives

Why They Stay: Conversations with Teachers of Color

Event Recap: Retaining Teachers By Honoring Their Leadership

School District Strategies for Retaining Teachers

How State Policy Can Help with Teacher Retention

Posts in the series present actionable insights and ideas to inform, inspire, and equip those working at the school, district, and state level to retain and support great talent; dive deep on data and analysis; and feature the perspectives and stories of those impacted by this issue. You may view the whole series at the following link: