Research And Evidence To Help Guide Educators During The Pandemic

As the pandemic continues, the task of supporting students becomes ever more difficult. Education leaders face an unprecedented challenge as students attend school in various forms this fall. Based on a developing list of questions from policymakers and practitioners, the EdResearch for Recovery Project taps top researchers from across the country to develop evidence briefs to inform recovery strategies. The EdResearch for Recovery Project is run by the Annenberg Institute for School Reform at Brown University and Results for America. Their goal is to provide short, accessible, rapid-turnaround briefs full of actionable, evidence-based insights to help guide educators and other decision-makers as they respond to and recover from COVID-related challenges.

Briefs explore what the research tells us about the following topics:

Student Learning

  • strategies and focus areas for intensive academic intervention
  • broad-based academic supports to counter COVID-19 learning loss
  • transitions from high school to college and career
  • how to use distance or hybrid learning models to deliver high-quality instruction

School Climate

  • how to rebuild positive school climate and safety when students re-engage
  • how to engage parents and families to support the recovery of districts and schools
  • how to use community-based resources to address academic and social gaps resulting from the health crisis

Supporting All Students

  • practices to support a potentially growing homeless population
  • intervention to narrow potentially widening gaps between students with disabilities and their peers
  • practices to support students who are immigrants

Teachers and Leaders

  • how to prepare teacher candidates who practicum experience was shortened or cancelled
  • how to help school leaders support their students and teachers during crises

Finances and Operations

  • how to responsibly make tough budget decisions, including spending reductions and lay-offs/furloughs

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