Preparing to Lead: Lessons in Principal Development for High Performing Education Systems

Of all in-school influences on student learning, leadership is second only to teaching quality. Indeed, when it comes to whole-system improvement, some argue that improving the quality of school leadership is a higher strategic priority than improving the quality of individual teachers, due to a principal’s influence across a school.

While school leadership is routinely recognized as a key indicator for improving student achievement, there is less certainty around ways to develop outstanding school leaders at the scale required for whole-system improvements. Most systems of education have some form of training and development for school leaders.

The best systems, however, treat these programs within a leadership development continuum that includes recruitment of promising candidates, rigorous initial training and ongoing training and support with opportunities for advancement.

A new report from the National Center on Education and the Economy focuses on how four high-performing systems of education designed and deliver high-quality leadership development programs for aspiring principals. While these systems have a strategic, system-wide approach that positions programs within the broader continuum of leadership development, this report focuses on programs that prepare aspiring principals for their future roles and responsibilities.

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